Bente Tattoo Studio ®

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Inspired by personal stories, Bente Tattoo Studio ® was founded in July 2018 by Bente Berg, a tattoo artist. The studio is based in Bergenhus, Bergen, Norway. As Bente herself puts it “his work is based on self-knowledge, imperfection, art, and ink is only an intermediary to express her clients’ inner selves.”

Therefore, all visual elements combined with photography art direction create a result brought up in classic visual communication. As for the materials used in stationery, (torn) cardboard is employed to represent the imperfection part, and put together with its texture, it is an abstract representation of Norway’s hills and natural setting. Moreover, for the visual identity, the typeface designed by Dreams Office was opted to bring to life to the whole identity system for its precise lines, classic aesthetics, and slightly imperfect curves. Everything folding and unfolding what, why, and who the studio is.

Photos by Jake Davies, Alexa Mazzarello, and Ezgi Polat.

Work by: Matheus Gomes

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