Buckley’s Heroes Book Design by Transformer

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Transformer is an Auckland-based design studio founded by Nigel & Anita Smith in 2002. Their tight-knit, multi-disciplined team is brimming with energy and ideas. They take their work seriously but they have a lot of fun doing it. Show & Tell over a team lunch has become a tradition and they like to get a little competitive with their morning tea and birthday cake-offs.

“Buckley’s Heroes is a publication designed to celebrate the rich history, many achievements and clever people – past and present – that make Buckley Systems the successful company it is today. Having recently rolled out a bold new visual identity, this brand book aims to fill the large, tight-knit workforce with a sense of belonging, pride and unity. Featuring visionary statements, infographics and dramatic product photography, the publication is a unique, fun and visual way to present the brand’s values and commitment to innovation.”


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