Rivertown Lodge Branding by Ro&Co

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Ro&Co is a multi-disciplinary design studio devoted to holistic branding that serves a range of fashion, art, and lifestyle clients. Led by award-winning Creative Director Roanne Adams, RoAndCo offers design, image, and branding capabilities across a variety of mediums, from print to moving image. By thoughtfully distilling a client’s inspirations, ideas, and motivations, RoAndCo generates fresh, sincere, compelling brand messages that engage and resonate.

“Celebrating the surrounding landscape and creative community, the brand identity brings out the best of details found in the great outdoors. Textures are evocative of classic camping materials such as tent canvas, speckled enamel dishware, and patterns from nature. The logotype serves as the foundation for three interchangeable lock-ups, creating a flexible yet considered system referencing Rivertown’s crafted yet down-to-earth nature.“

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