Rebranding of Woobbee by Sciencewerk

Rebranding of Woobbee by Sciencewerk

“Tasked with the rejuvenation of the brand, Sciencewerk forged a new concept using a modernized logotype. New logo, inspired by a circle grid, and the refreshing bright yellow pantone create a refreshed and modern look. Keeping in mind Woobbee’s original logo of a speech bubble, Sciencewerk applied witty sentences and rhymes to the new packaging and stationery as a secret conversation between the brand and its customers.”

Sciencewerk® is a creative studio conjoining art, design, and technology. They always believed that good design intersect between art and science where process, collaboration, experimentation, exploration are critical. At Sciencewerk, they help people to develop visual communication and design language for their business or product through various media applications from identity, typography, graphic, print, illustration, interactive, installation, exhibition, to art.


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