Brand Guide: Singapore Edition

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Brand Guide: Singapore Edition rounds up the iconic homegrown brands that attest to the current golden age of design in Singapore.

For the first time in Singapore, Arts and Design is taking centerstage and is paving the way for our city’s landscape.

Conceived by local design think-tank studio, Foreign Policy Design Group, this publication goes in-depth, featuring the brains behind some of Singapore’s most well-known and well-loved brands, such as Unlisted Collection:, The Lo & Behold Group, Papa Palheta, Ong Shunmugam, GOODSTUPH, DrGL, Supermama, BooksActually,and Plain Vanilla. Doubling as an alternative travel guide for the modern design traveller, Brand Guide: Singapore Edition hopes to share their appreciation for local brands and to inspire that in their readers.

The Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is all sold out, second batch of print run on Kickstarter. The campaign begin on July 1st.

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