For The People: Branding for Start-Me-Up Labs

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“You run a start-up. You’ve got a product. You’re ready to launch. But there is one minor, technical hitch – you don’t have the money to develop a brand. Welcome to Start-Me-Up Labs – a collaboration with Adobe, which is here to sneak you in the back door of the branding world and give you the grand tour. Held at co-working spaces and events, SMU Labs allows you to pick your branding elements a la carte, and then packages them up into a minimum-viable-brand for your minimum-viable-product.”

For The People is all about shaking things up. Disrupting industries, creating new markets and new companies. They’re for culture that fuels creativity and innovation. They help build trust and get teams to work harder and be happier. They are for new models, new theories, new ways of working for this century, not the last one. Their inspiration comes more from Silicon Valley than management and design textbooks. They are for design — utility, magic and the power to shape radically better products and services.