TSO Candle Collection by Estudio Marina Goñi

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The TSO candle collection has been an important product for the brand over the years. It is a product launched at the beginning of the brand and maybe, after different new product releases, needed a packanging update.

The starting point are the aromas and evocative names of each product, the idea was to compose a universe, containing a multitude of aroma-planets. The idea of a child’s construction game, with different blocks, you can build different elements with, and chance to create different scenarios. We create the box of each candle individually and as part of a set. The box: four horizontal faces of the cube, two of them directly evoke the title of each candle through illustrations that send you to that particular aroma universe. The other two are of a certain blue. The set: universes of different combinations of illustrations and blues that create a harmonious set, full of nuances and color.

The gold stamping, with line details and logo, complete the global picture and add the elegant touch so characteristic of the brand.

View Project Details: https://www.marinagoni.com/work/velas-tso/
Studio Website: https://www.marinagoni.com

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