Mjölk Visual Identity by Tung

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“Challenge was to update Mjölk’s look to reflect this curatorial evolution, without abandoning the familiarity of their existing visual identity. Retaining some of the familiar elements from the old logo, we adjusted the shapes of the characters for better consistency, fine-tuned the kerning, and thinned out the strokes overall to create a lighter, more refined wordmark. Stationery and other printed collateral were developed under the updated brand look, as well as a signage system for Mjölk’s ongoing series of in-store exhibitions.”

Tung is a Toronto-based studio specializing in graphic design and art direction within the fields of art, culture and commerce. Founded in 2014 by Emily Tu and Edmond Ng, their practice developed out of a shared desire to create honest, intelligent and beautifully crafted work. They take a grounded and considered approach to design. Their process is decidedly personal – they collaborate with their clients to create thoughtful and compelling responses that reflect their needs and values.



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